1. Hi Angela,
    Nice article I agree that a spreadsheet is still a great way to manage some limited sized data. It was great for a long time and it still is. Although I think we can make managing small data sets a lot better. Have you looked at OpenBOM for example? I think it is a great “scope limited” solution that tries to fight the excel-based PLM-underground.

  2. Author

    Hi Yoann,

    thanks for your feedback! You also proved that my comments notification system is not very reliable yet :-).

    My article was based on this question: “What kind of PLM system would a startup company use?”
    Apart from the fact that they often do not know the term “PLM” anyway, they will most likely end up with Excel.
    And that´s excellent! Too many startups fail because of wrong focus. Successful startup often succeeded only because they didn´t ignore boring topics like legal issues, finance and organization.
    An Excel lists indicates that this new company already spend a few thoughts about data management! A good start!

    But PLM world is targeting only the big players in the industry. Nobody considers, that each of the world largest companies probably started with a simple list.
    Small businesses do not need (or cannot afford) a full-featured PLM solution. Especially if managing the software itself already requires a lot of knowledge and resources.
    I will add a test of Open BOM on my todo list. A cloud hosted solution that focus on the essentials is maybe the perfect answer to my startup question!


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