1. That’s great improvisation! I had a question related to “Refresh” of the “SingOffs” tab. Currently the user has to click another relationship tab and then click “refresh” on the item and then click the “SignOffs” tab to see the updated “Workflow History Report”. Is it possible to have a button on the relationship grid, clicking on which would refresh / reload the “Workflow History Report”

    1. Hi Sundar,
      I was able to add a refresh option directly to the signoffs page by doing the following:
      In the Aras Code Tree installation directory:

      Update the top part of the xml file to add another buttonsize:

      Then inside the tag I added a new button element that adds a refresh button:

      Then from Innovator search under the Forms itemtype for “Workflow Signoffs”. Edit the form and in the “calculate_html” html field update the “onClickItem” function in the script tag of the html code to:

      function onClickItem(item) {
      if (item.getId() === “refresh”) {
      var activeFrame = aras.getMostTopWindowWithAras(window).frames.relationships.frameElement.document.activeElement;
      else {
      aras.saveString2File(function () { return Core_reportHTML; }, item.getId());

    2. I just realized that the xml tags I put in my reply actually got interpreted by the browser as html (this is really bad btw for this comment system as it can lead to XSS vulnerabilities, comments should be property escaping html).

      Here is the missing xml updates for the WorkflowSignoff_toolbar.xml (manually escaped xml):

      Update top xml line:
      <toolbarapplet on_click="treeGrid1_onToolbarClick" on_load="toobarStart" buttonstyle="windows" buttonsize="26,25,25" font="Arial-bold-10">

      Add button element:
      <button image="../images/Refresh.svg" id="refresh" tooltip="Refresh Signoff">Refresh</button>

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