Ask smart PLM questions #1 – SQL Server Express, Aras Update (tool) and more

I started a new video series: Ask smart PLM questions!!!
In these videos I will try to answer a couple of PLM related question that I get from community. In the first video we will talk about the Aras Update Tool and SQL Server Express.

I have to excuse myself for the video quality. Unfortunately my used PC was not powerful enough to capture the screen correctly. So this video is more like a podcast with images. Well, I am very new into this video business and neither have enough knowledge nor appropriate equipment. But I promise to constantly improve! Find the short form of my answer at the end of the description.

Within this video, we will answer the following smart questions:
1:33​ How to use Aras Update to add features and which DB login credentials to use.
17:02​ How to find out how big the DB has become
23:05​ and what happens if it exceeds the limit.
24:20​ How many features you can add before MS Express DB exceeds max size.
27:51​ Why using the back button in Chrome causes white screen on subsequent login
31:17​ How to find out which features are already installed.

As it would be cruel to force anyone to watch a video of such poor quality, here the short form of the answers:
1. Aras Update: Best use “root” user when installing applications. Pay attention: It´s common that the root account user is disabled to avoid people use it on daily basis.
2. How many feature can we add? Limit for Express db is 10GB. Applications and custom features are not that big, so don´t worry. An Aras installation with all applications is just around 300MB. A blank application around 150MB.
3. Use SQL Server Management Studio to check your db size. There are multiple ways to get the size. Relevant is the size of the SQL data file, don´t care for the transaction file. Use google to find SQL queries that show you the size. I don´t know by myself what will happen when you reach the limit, but I think this forum posts describes it quite accurate:…​
4. Chrome back button: Simple answer – you cannot use it. Innovator is a stand-alone browser application and not a regular website. Be happy that it´s hosted as regular tab. Only use buttons you see inside Innovator. Back/Forth and Refresh will not work. That´s not a bug but a common way browser hosted applications work
5. Installed features: Check Variables inside of Innovator. And always use a custom Prefix for your own applications


  1. Great article. I am facing some of these issues as well..

  2. I would like to export my original package so that I can use it with ArasUpdate.exe. I cannot find a way to do this. Do you know anything about this?

    1. Hi! Which package do you refer to? Aras Update is intended for Aras original packages (they contain a few additional scripts to incorporate with the tool). For your custom packages you can use the regular Import Tool. If you have the Export Tool, you also should have the Import tool. But just provide more details if I am on the wrong track!

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