1. Hi – great video!

    It would also be useful to know:

    -How to use Aras Update to add features and which DB login credentials to use.

    -How many features you can add before MS Express DB exceeds max size.

    -How to find out how big the DB has become and what happens if it exceeds the limit.

    -Why using the back button in Chrome causes white screen on subsequent login (session token error I could not resolve even after clearing cookies and cache).

    -How to find out which features are already installed.



    1. Hi Jeff, thanks for the feedback! I always planned to do some kind of “Ask me smart questions” video. I will see if I can cover your topics in a video around one week.

      1. Great! Thanks for the help.

        I can’t get Update to work because I do not have the login ID or password for the root account. I don’t recall setting up a root account when I installed the DB. I can’t even find any reference on the internet to having or using a root account for MS SQL. None of the ID and password combinations I used to set up the DB worked.

        Aras has a user guide but it didn’t help: https://www.aras.com/-/media/files/downloads/aras-update/aras-update-user-guide.ashx?la=en

        Also, this guide: https://community.aras.com/b/english/posts/program-management-overview-and-installation

        1. Hi Jeff, we have to take care that we don´t mix up things. The MS SQL root account (sa) is not the Aras Innovator “root” account. The Aras “root” is a simple user account that comes with the installation. It´s default password is “innovator” always.
          Before using Aras Update test first, if you can login to your regular Innovator client with the “root” account at all.

          For Aras update this one is the only important account, you don´t need to now the SQL “sa” user for this use case.
          Do you have access to your SQL database with SQL management studio? Can you see your Innovator Database? Can you see a “User” table inside this database? If yes, than you can simple overwrite the password inside the SQL table directly in case your root password was changed. Just use a MD5 encryption tool to create your own new password.

          @Edit: Instead of using “root” for login to Innovator, better use the “admin” account. See explanation in one of my answers below.

          1. Hi! Thanks for the great Video!
            I have one problem i hope you are able to give me some help:
            i disabled login for root and now i am unable to reactivate it inside aras.
            i am a sql beginner so i don’t know where to find the user table in ms sql. under table there ist an entry called innovator.User but inside i can’t find users e.g. root. Do you know a solution for that? Thanks!

          2. Hi Philip,
            your comment was unfortunately blocked by my spam filter.
            I assume you also had wrote the same question in the Aras forum and was able to resolve it by yourself already:

            This one is a common issue people will face at the beginning. But this is one of the only few moments were you need to use SQL at the start. This one and the SQL queries used for database restore. Avoid working with the “root” user, cause you could accidentally destroy something. It´s unlikely that you will need to change anything that requires root rights in the beginning. Better use the “admin” account. I myself just need the root account around 1-2 times a year and I do pretty rough customizations :-).
            I recommend you the Aras Community blog for getting more hints for your first steps in Innovator. I plan a couple of videos too, but it will always be bulkloads of 3-4 videos every few weeks.

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