1. Hi,
    Did you ever post the all the steps from the blog “update in around 347 simple steps”?


  2. Author

    Hi Dominic,
    thanks for asking! Yes, I am still working on the guide! (and it will contain a lot of steps 🙂 )
    Most of the guide is already in a draft state. However, I decided to postpone the guide to integrate the experience from my recent Aras update.

    Aras has changed the process and not everything from my first drafts still will work fine in the new concept. I currently still wrap up the pitfalls I faced during the last update and how to avoid them in the future.
    Unfortunately, I’m not the fastest blogger. Since English is not my main language, it takes me about five times longer than writing in my native language. But I am happy to see that there is interest in this article series. That motivates me to speed up the process!

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