Welcome to this new blog about PLM administration topics!

This is an independent, user-driven PLM blog that does not belong to any PLM vendor, implementation partner or consultant.

This blog will cover topics of interest to PLM administrators and end users. We will talk about trends in the PLM world, but especially in the context of practicality. We love visionary ideas, but the people with the fancy and groundbreaking PowerPoint slides are usually not the same people who actually implement these ideas or have to work with the results on a daily basis. So this blog starts exactly at the point where visions are about to become reality!

When it comes to technical topics, most samples will be related to Aras Innovator. But we will also take a look at other systems as well.

We will also talk about topics that are not in the focus of average PLM blogs, such as organizational topics, updating, GDPR, ..

Stay curious!

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